The Stolen Child

Speaking of the Man

Speaking of the Man

080419257X.01._SX450_SY635_SCLZZZZZZZ_Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan ★★★★½
Edition: Books on Tape (2013), OverDrive MP3 Audiobook; 8h08
Original publication date: 2013

I don’t celebrate Easter, but rarely does Easter go by without me thinking of Jesus, even though I’m not and never was a Christian. And I guess it wasn’t such a great coincidence that I decided to finally pick up this book—which had been…

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The Quick: A Masterful Tour de Force

The Quick: A Masterful Tour de Force

This new system, or I should say lackof system of letting myself write book reviews out of reading order is really working for me and has certainly got me writing a whole lot more than I would otherwise. I completed my 64th book of the year yesterday, so it looks like I’ll probably hit 75 in May (begin part of a group called 75 Books in 2014 providing adequate motivation). I used to write reviews…

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The Unsolved Mystery of Lord Lucan

The Unsolved Mystery of Lord Lucan

0385720904.01._SX450_SY635_SCLZZZZZZZ_Aiding and Abetting by Muriel Spark ★★★⅓
Edition: Anchor (2002), Paperback, 176 pages
Original publication date: 2000

I’ve grown very fond of the Muriel Spark who wrote (among many others) Loitering with Intent, Memento Mori and A Far Cry from Kensington, which are among my favourite novels, and while I was expecting to be highly diverted by Aiding and Abetting, it was another of those instances…

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The One and Only?

The One and Only?

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 3.45.31 PM

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate ★★★★½
Edition: HarperCollins (2012), eBook, OverDrive READ, 320 pages
Highlights: ALA Notable Children’s Book (2013), Newbery Medal (2013)
Original publication date: 2012


I am Ivan. I am a gorilla.

It’s not as easy as it looks.


People call me the Freeway Gorilla. The Ape at Exit 8. The One and Only Ivan,
Mighty Silverback.

Humans waste…

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True Crime, Great Yarn

True Crime, Great Yarn

2b1f3d71ed2ad15596e54356951444341587343Frog Music by Emma Donoghue ★★★★⅓
Edition: Hachette Audio (2014), Unabridged MP3; 12h47
Original publication date: March 2014

I found out after finishing this book, as I listened to a short NPR interview with Emma Donoghue, that she’d based her latest story on a true crime that took place in California in 1876: “On the very outskirts of San Francisco, in a grimy bar, a lot of bullets came through a…

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Progress Report



My Metro Series #4: Man with Loaded Pen-Pocket is coming along nicely. Using a different approach, working from top right-hand corner outward, which feels different from my former more random all-over approach. I suspect this might be more effective (remains to be seen however), and demands a lot more concentration, so I’m not sure the tradeoff is worth it, but I do like trying something…

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More Additions to the TBR*

More Additions to the TBR*

slightly_foxed-41-single-0001Slightly Foxed: No. 41: Cellmates by Gail Pirkis, Hazel Wood (Editors) ★★★★
Edition: Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader’s Quarterly (Spring 2014), Paperback, 96 pages

I recently wroteabout this little quarterly which I’ve become a dedicated subscriber to since around this time last year, and so far each issue continues to delight. I’m reading them out of order, since the back issues go back to 2004…

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Howlin’ at the Moon

The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood ★★★★⅓ Edition: Balzer Bray (2011), Paperback, 288 pages Original publication date: 2010…

Howlin’ at the Moon

The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood ★★★★⅓ Edition: Balzer Bray (2011), Paperback, 288 pages Original publication date: 2010…

Fear, Flight, Fate.

c56d04b457dcf1a592b334f5667444341587343Native Son by Richard Wright ★★★★
Edition: Perennial Classics (1998). Edition: First Edition, Paperback, 528 pages.
The restored text established by The Library of America.
Original publication date: 1940

““There he is!” the mother screamed again.

A huge black rat squealed and leaped at Bigger’s trouser-leg and snagged it in his teeth, hanging on.

“Goddamn!” Bigger whispered fiercely, whirling and…

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